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Black Plum

Solarelli black plums are a juicy and refreshing fruit grown in two main areas: Lazio (Latina) and Emilia (Vignola). These regions are ideally suited to growing this plum variety, which ripens fully and stands out for its unique features.

Black plums are elliptical in shape. The skin is purple with brownish tinges and is covered by a natural substance called ‘wax bloom’. Their delicious yellow-green flesh is very compact and sweet. Black plums are also suited for use in cooking, especially for making jams, preserves, syrups and jellies.
The marketing season for black plums is from June to December. All Solarelli-branded black plums meet quality standards in terms of taste, aroma, flavour and sweetness, ensuring a consistently excellent product.

Characteristics of black plums

  • Ellipsoidal shape
  • Compact flesh
  • Sugary taste

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3.5 kg single-layer crate
1 kg basket with handle

3.5 kg single-layer crate

1 kg basket with handle

Indicative weight.