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Cherry Tomato

Solarelli cherry tomatoes are a variety of tomato grown in Sicily and have a small, round, cherry-like shape. Their colour varies from red to yellow depending on cultivation conditions. They have a sweet and juicy taste and their skin is thin and firm.
Cherry tomatoes are a versatile ingredient suitable for all kinds of recipes. Containing high levels of vitamins A and C, they can be eaten raw in mixed salads or cooked by adding them to sauces, soups and risottos.
Italian cherry tomatoes are marketed throughout the year. All Solarelli-branded cherry tomatoes meet quality standards in terms of taste, aroma, flavour and sweetness, ensuring a consistently excellent product.

Characteristics of Cherry tomatoes

  • Thin peel
  • Juicy flesh
  • Pleasant sweet taste

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500 g basket
3 kg crate

500 g basket

3 kg crate

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