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Angello® seedless mini sweet pepper

Solarelli Angello® seedless mini sweet peppers are a first in the fruit and vegetable sector, a unique and original product that appeals to the palates of consumers. Containing vitamin A and high in vitamin C, its distinguishing feature is the fact that it is seedless, which makes it easier to eat and digest. It is a snack-sized variety of pepper, that is, very small in size, and is ideal to be eaten at any time of the day, as a snack, appetiser or side dish. Solarelli Angello® seedless mini sweet peppers have a thin, crunchy peel and a sweet, delicate and aromatic flavour.

They are grown exclusively in Italy, in the most suitable areas for cultivating this variety. Solarelli Angello® seedless mini sweet peppers are available all year round, except in August, September and October.
All Solarelli-branded mini peppers meet quality standards in terms of taste, aroma, flavour and sweetness, ensuring a consistently excellent product.

Properties of Angello® mini peppers

  • Seedless
  • Juicy flesh
  • Sweet, aromatic flavour

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