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Mini Watermelon

Solarelli mini watermelons are grown in Emilia-Romagna and originate from selected natural watermelon varieties with excellent organoleptic properties. Mini watermelons can weigh up to 2 kg, have a thin skin and a bright red, sweet flesh containing a large amount of water. Mini watermelons have very few seeds and are easy to cut and serve. They are a great way to cool off on hot days. You can eat them as they are or use them for making salads, cocktails and desserts. The marketing season for mini watermelons is from July to August. All Solarelli-branded mini watermelons meet quality standards in terms of taste, aroma, flavour and sweetness, ensuring a consistently excellent product.

Characteristics of the mini watermelon

  • Contains very few seeds
  • Bright red flesh
  • Sweet taste

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