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Kaiser Pear

The Solarelli Kaiser pear is a typical product of the Emilia region, where it is carefully grown with great passion by our producers. Rich in fibre, Solarelli Kaiser pears have a distinctive rusty-coloured skin with a burnt-brown tobacco hue. They have a yellowish-white flesh, which is compact, compact and slightly grainy. They have a sweet and aromatic flavour and are best enjoyed as they are, baked in the oven, or used as an ingredient to make flavourful desserts.
The marketing season for Kaiser pears is from November to March. All Solarelli-branded Kaiser pears meet quality standards in terms of taste, aroma, flavour and sweetness, ensuring a consistently excellent product.

Characteristics of Kaiser pears

  • Peel with a burnt-brown tobacco hue
  • Tasty, grainy flesh
  • Sweet, aromatic flavour

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4 kg single-layer crate

4 kg single-layer crate

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