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Strawberry from Romagna

Solarelli strawberries from Romagna are of the Elodì® and Brilla® varieties and have a strong aroma, a sweet flavour, and a juicy and firm flesh. Strawberries from Romagna have a high vitamin C content and are a versatile ingredient in cooking. You can use them as a base ingredient for your desserts and in various unusual savoury recipes, such as delicious strawberry risotto.
The marketing season for strawberries from the Romagna region is from April to June and from August to November. All Solarelli-branded strawberries meet quality standards in terms of taste, aroma, flavour and sweetness, ensuring a consistently excellent product.

Characteristics of Romagna strawberries

  • Strongly scented
  • Juicy flesh
  • Sweet taste

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2 kg crate
250 g basket

2 kg crate

250 g basket

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