pesche Solarelli

Area of origin

emilia puglia sicilia


Solarelli peaches are grown in Emilia-Romagna, Apulia, Metaponto and Sicily. To ensure a constant high-quality standard, the varieties with the best characteristics in terms of flavour, taste, and sweetness are chosen. In addition to the careful selection that takes place in the countryside, processing during the packaging phase is also a particularly delicate stage.

Sales packs:

4 kg single-layer crate
Tray with cling-film 4 fruits
Tray with cling-film 6 fruits 1kg
4 kg Romagna PGI single-layer crate
Small package with 6 units
Monolayer in alveolus 2kg
Tray 4 fruits (100% recyclable)

Pesche Solarelli
Pesche Solarelli
Pesche IGP Romagna Solarelli
Pesche 6 frutti Solarelli
Pesche Solarelli

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