nettarine Solarelli

Area of origin

emilia puglia sicilia


Solarelli nectarines are grown in the production areas of Emilia Romagna, Apulia, Metaponto, and Sicily. The innovation in the types of variety over the past years has yielded yellow and white varieties which highlight the sensory features and ensure a consistently crunchy pulp. A distinctive characteristic of this variety is a rust-like marking on the peel.

Sales packs:

4 kg single-layer crate
4 kg Romagna PGI single-layer crate
Tray with cling-film 6 fruits 1 kg
4 kg Romagna PGI single-layer crate
Small package with 6 units
Tray 4 fruits (100% recyclable)

Nettarine IGP
Nettarine Monostrato in alveolo IGP di Romagna Solarelli
Nettarine Solarelli
Nettarine 6 frutti Solarelli

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