Pera Abate Fetel Solarelli

Area of origin

Abate Fetel pears

This is a typical product of the Emilia region. The Abate Fetel pear is characterized by a decidedly elongated shape, which is similar to a flask, and is fleshy at the base. Its smooth thin peel is rusty yellow. The parts of these pears that catch the sunlight turn reddish. This fruit has a pleasantly distinctive scent and aroma, and the white pulp is tender, fine and very juicy.

Sales packs:

4 kg single-layer crate
Tray with cling-film
2 kg single-layer crate with cling-film

Pere Abate Solarelli
Pere Abate Solarelli
Pere Abate Monostrato in alveolo con film da 2 kg
Pere Abate IGP Solarelli

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