Fruit and cheese get married: Buoninsieme is born

Fruit and cheese get married: Buoninsieme is born

Apofruit Italia with the Solarelli line and L’Antica Cascina come together for a project that combines two fresh products and in the name of taste and healthy eating

Combining the fresh fruit by Solarelli with a classic product like cheese, but packaged for the first time in cubes and single-portions, taking up a popular and lively gastronomic tradition (cheese and pears), creating an unusual and unique reference.

This and much more is the Buoninsieme project, officially presented at Macfrut, the main fair of the fruit and vegetable sector. A novelty from Apofruit, created by an entrepreneurial partnership that focuses on the concept of healthy, fresh, natural and gourmet food.

Apofruit Italia, a major cooperative of the Italian agri-food industry, gathering over 4,000 associated producers, processes and markets fresh fruit and vegetables, and L’Antica Cascina, a dairy from Romagna specialized in the production of aged and refined cheeses, as well as fresh and very fresh ones, have developed this project in synergy, to offer the consumer a new, fresh and tasty snack that combines quality fruit and cheese.

“The idea came about almost by chance, says Gianluca Casadio, Marketing Manager of Apofruit Italia, from a contact with the Managing Director of L’Antica Cascina dairy. The subsequent meetings between our two companies have led us to design a product that combines two food lines only apparently distant: fresh fruit and cheese, both of high quality.  A gourmet snack that meets a market need, increasingly demanding and sensitive to quality products, tasty and easy to consume”.

Five new products that combine as many types of fruit and vegetables to different cheeses (fresh, semi-seasoned and aged). Apple, pear, strawberry, grapes and vegetables combined with Cacio Romagnolo, Vero Formaggio Scoparolo, Capretta, Formaggio Scoparolo delle Antiche Fosse and Squacquerone.

“We are very keen on this initiative that we have been planning for a long time, without being able to find the right partner, says Gianluca Gazzoni, CEO of L’Antica Cascina. Apofruit has shared and accepted this project, turning a dream into reality. Product research and innovation are part of our daily work. Our customers are already used to taste cheese in combination with other gourmet foods, including fruit. A sign of a market trend highlighting a need perfectly met by Buoninsieme: high quality fresh fruit and​cheese in cubes.

Even the packaging of Buoninsieme has been specifically studied to comfortably accommodate the fruit and vegetables already washed, cut and completely exposed, so that the consumer can see and appreciate its freshness.

The cubed cheese is placed in a small transparent bowl, contained inside the fruit pan. Everything is sealed by a see-through film that provides a full view of the product.

Buoninsieme will be available throughout the year on an ongoing basis and will be offered to the Large Distribution channel.